An Impulsive Choice Was the Right Choice: I Found the Perfect College

I wouldn’t exactly say I chose Longwood.

I’m a first-generation college student, so college seemed like a stretch. I wasn’t sure of even the simplest of things—like how to apply.

Because of that, I initially committed to the University of Lynchburg because they were the first college to contact me—even though I’d never heard of that school before. I attended a scholarship award ceremony (they gave me a $27,000 scholarship), and I loved the campus.

Abbie (left) and her roommate, Karina, at the main entrance to campus.

A few months went by, and people I knew were being accepted to their dream schools—but it didn’t feel the same for me. I procrastinated about applying to other schools and filling out my mandatory Lynchburg paperwork because I simply didn’t know what I truly wanted from college.

I had heard about Longwood and decided to apply. I was accepted, so now I had two options. Still nothing felt right for me. Then came the FAFSA deadline, which meant I had to make a last-minute decision. Impulsively, I cancelled my commitment to Lynchburg and committed to Longwood before I even stepped foot on campus.

I had no reason behind my choice to switch to Longwood. My process of choosing my college was very confusing, and the worries of, “What if I chose the wrong college?” never stopped until move-in day.

I am now at Longwood, and I have no doubt that I chose the perfect place for me. I’m thankful that my impulsive, unknowledgeable choices led me to where I truly feel I belong.