How My Spring Semester Is Shaping Up

Initially, I thought it would be a weird transition coming back to campus after being home for so long. Surprisingly, I got right back into the groove of things.

One thing I was worried about was my schedule. My classes are at a higher level this semester, and I thought I would be playing more basketball.

It turns out that higher-level classes don’t necessarily mean more work—it’s just a different kind of work. You’re not really doing more homework, but you are doing more reading and then discussing what you read in class. So the biggest difference to me is that you learn more through discussing than through doing extra work, which I’ve enjoyed a lot.

Unfortunately, basketball has not panned out the way I wanted it to. I talked in one of my previous posts about making the club basketball team, but unfortunately the whole team fell out. We’re not even playing or practicing this semester, which was a major disappointment to me. Luckily, I was asked to play on an intramural team that takes the game seriously and wants to win. This isn’t what I expected for this semester, but I really like the guys on this team, and it seems like it’s going to work out well. As of right now, I am the third-highest scorer on the team, which I think is good for a freshman.

Daniel Easter graduated from Amelia Academy. Actually, he graduated from elementary and middle school there, too. In fact, Longwood is the first new school he’s attended since first grade.

Daniel is passionate about several things, including making the most of every minute (which does not include sitting in his room) and playing basketball. He’s even thinking about trying out as a walk-on for the basketball team.

A liberal studies major, he wants to teach elementary school and is part of the Call Me Mister program, which encourages young men to be role models by becoming teachers. In high school, his favorite classes were physics and music, and he was involved in Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

Here are some random interesting facts from Daniel about himself:

  1. Working at the YMCA inspired me to want to work with children.
  2. I play guitar and piano.
  3. Before I decided that I wanted to major in liberal studies, I wanted to major in music.
  4. In junior year of high school, I was on the basketball team that went to state finals.

Spring Classes and Lacrosse Season: A Busy Semester

Here’s to the second semester of freshman year! Winter break was very long, and it gave me the opportunity to make some money and work out on my own schedule. But now it’s time to get back into classes.

Averee is ready for her first season of Division I lacrosse.

It is also the start of our spring lacrosse season, so I am very busy! I am starting to get a schedule down to help balance my classes, homework and practice. My class schedule is very nice, I have four classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, three classes on Friday, one class on Tuesdays and my Thursdays are free! I highly suggest that you make a schedule that fits your schedule and personal style.

I love having some days off. I can focus on homework/makeup work on those days and get everything done that I need to get done. After my classes every day, we have practice that is usually 2- 2 ½ hours long. After that, I am either finished for the day or I go swimming in the Willett Hall pool.

Our season starts very soon, so be sure to check out our schedule online and come to our games!

The lacrosse team gathers by the holiday tree.


Averee Gerold carries a big stick—but not all the time. She’s a lacrosse player. Her success in the sport in high school led to her being recruited for Longwood’s Division I lacrosse team.

Averee is a graduate of Ashley High School, where her favorite classes were nursing fundamentals and art. She was also involved in EC Buddies, Wings club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes there.

A kinesiology major, Averee will no doubt be able to bring her experience recovering from an ACL injury this summer into her future career. She also loves new experiences, so she’s in her element as a freshman at Longwood doing things she’s never done before. Although she could get some tips about what to expect from her first cousin and her cousin’s husband, who both graduated from Longwood in 2009.

Here are some random interesting facts from Averee about herself:

  1. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
  2. I love going to the beach with family and friends.
  3. I like to draw people.