The Infamous Oktoberfest Festival

Heather and her friend Makayla enjoyed the live music at Oktoberfest.

Everyone who becomes a Lancer at Longwood eventually hears about Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest events to take place all year on campus. Since we don’t have a football team, Oktoberfest is sort of like Longwood’s version of homecoming.

At this huge celebration, there are rows and rows of different booths representing organizations and clubs on campus. Some examples are the Honors Association (HSA), the photography club, various ministries on campus. Basically any club or organization you can think of was represented by a booth at Oktoberfest.

Most students organizations set up a booth at Oktoberfest, where they raise money to support their activities.

At all of these various booths, the main goal was to raise money for the organization. In trying to raise money, many of the booths were selling different types of food—everything from cupcakes to “Oreo balls” to hot dogs and hamburgers.

However, not every booth was selling edible treats. Some had different activities you could pay for or handcrafted items you could purchase. For example, at the photography club booth, you could pay $2 to use their props and have a Polaroid picture taken of you and your friends. (My roommate and I did this—it’s such a cute picture). Or at the HSA booth you could buy little plastic pumpkins or hand-painted coasters! I am a member of the HSA and I volunteered to help sell these items in their booth.

In making my way around all of the different booths I ended up buying some really cool items. (I bought more than I thought I would, but Oktoberfest is only once a year, so it’s OK, right?) Among the items I couldn’t resist were a small record that had been painted blue and says “Longwood University”, a cute hand band, some Longwood stickers of the Rotunda and the Princeps crown symbol, which represents good luck. (There are various crowns on the sidewalks of campus and you’re supposed to step on them for good luck).

Results of an Oktoberfest shopping spree

Not only is there so much to see, do and eat at Oktoberfest, but there are also live performances taking place. The artists this year included a DJ, a rapper and a country singer. My friend Makayla (see photo at top) and I really enjoyed the performance by the rapper named Bryce Vines—he killed it! There were also some activities you could do for free at the event, like riding a bull (a fake one, of course); an inflatable jousting arena, where I went up against Daniel Easter, who’s another member of the My Life As A Freshman project (I think I won but don’t tell him that); and a huge inflatable Twister board!

 I would definitely say my first Oktoberfest experience was a success. I had so much fun volunteering in the HSA booth; taking pictures with my friends and Daniel at the free photo booth; buying some cool things; eating good food; and listening to the live performances. It was a blast!

No matter what year you’re in in college or if you’re just visiting Longwood, I would highly recommend you enjoy all of the Oktoberfest festivities!

Note: Heather submitted this entry soon after Oktoberfest. This late posting is due to an oversight by the blog administrator.

Heather Waldo graduated from Staunton River High School. If you see her out on campus, she’ll often have a camera around her neck (yes, a real camera) because she’s interested in photography—which is convenient because she’s a communication studies major. She likes to write, too.

In high school, her favorite classes were yearbook, English and sociology, and she was involved in the National Honor Society. She may be new to Longwood, but her family isn’t. Both her mother and her mother’s brother (Heather’s uncle) graduated from Longwood.

Here are some random interesting facts about Heather from Heather:

  1. My family did not write or produce the book Where’s Waldo.
  2. I’m 5-foot-8, and everyone assumes I’m athletic—but I only participated in a school sport once my whole life.
  3. My two favorite books are Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Live Fearless is all about how defeating and breaking away from fear will change your life. The author also describes how trusting in God more in your life will make all the difference in defeating fear. I just really like how it is inspirational but also mentions God and his word, and it allows me to expand my faith. The Secret is also an inspirational book. It doesn’t mention God as much as Live Fearless but puts more emphasis on how the power of positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes. It’s more karma-based I guess. I find myself using techniques from Live Fearless and The Secret simultaneously to better myself every day.

Fall Was a Wild Ride—and I Can’t Wait for What’s Ahead

I’ll start by apologizing for not posting in so long. It’s been a wild and overwhelming two months, and it was hard to find a time to write. However, the first semester is coming to a close, and I am so relieved. From playing club basketball to having write a 10-page paper my first semester, there has been a lot of stress and time consumption.

Even with everything going on, my roommate and suitemate got in the holiday spirit by buying and decorating a tree. We also bought each other gifts that we put under the tree before we gave them to each other, so it was like a real Christmas. My roommate and I also went with some of our friends to Buffalo Wild Wings for a “Friendsmas” with some of our friends who live on the same floor—even in the midst of exams.

Christmas in the residence hall
A snow day is cause for excitement—even if you’re in college and classes aren’t cancelled.

We love the new University Center, Upchurch, as a place to study and hang out. We thought at first that it would just be a fun place to be, but we actually really enjoy doing homework there, too, even when we were studying for finals. I had actually never been there to study until I had torn my meniscus during basketball.

This semester has been a wild ride—full of ups, downs and even an injury that gave me a pretty good scare. Even with all that, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have met so many people, made so many friends, and done so much that it’s crazy to think it’s only been one semester.

This semester has been great, but I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Daniel Easter graduated from Amelia Academy. Actually, he graduated from elementary and middle school there, too. In fact, Longwood is the first new school he’s attended since first grade.

Daniel is passionate about several things, including making the most of every minute (which does not include sitting in his room) and playing basketball. He’s even thinking about trying out as a walk-on for the basketball team.

A liberal studies major, he wants to teach elementary school and is part of the Call Me Mister program, which encourages young men to be role models by becoming teachers. In high school, his favorite classes were physics and music, and he was involved in Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

Here are some random interesting facts from Daniel about himself:

  1. Working at the YMCA inspired me to want to work with children.
  2. I play guitar and piano.
  3. Before I decided that I wanted to major in liberal studies, I wanted to major in music.
  4. In junior year of high school, I was on the basketball team that went to state finals.

End-of-Semester Thoughts: The holiday tree, Nile the camel, my writing coach and Mrs. Betty

Brooklynn (right) with her friend, Dani, at Dani’s senior piano recital

My favorite part of campus this Christmas season is the giant Christmas tree inside Ruffner under the Rotunda dome. I have my citizenship class in Ruffner, and seeing the Christmas tree all lit up as I walk to class is peaceful. Christmas time at Longwood is so pretty. Campus is gorgeous this time of year with the trees all different colors. I enjoy how decorated and festive Longwood is: Christmas wreaths on the doors and on buildings, candles in windows, and garland on the light poles, including the railings inside and out.

This semester is wrapping up so fast. I am so blessed to have such amazing professors who have helped me in so many ways. I could not have made it on the president’s list this semester without them! They have all taught me so much and made it fun!

A shout-out to my friend Dani Rauchwarg, who is a  senior here at Longwood. Having someone I know work with me on my writing at the Writing Center made me more comfortable. Dani has helped me immensely with improving my writing skills throughout this entire semester. I will apply everything she has taught me in all my papers. I am so thankful to have her here for my freshman year. I  have enjoyed coming to her concerts, and specifically her senior piano recital. The best way to take a break from studying is to listen to beautiful music!

Nile the Camel decked out for the holidays in D-hall.

When I go into D-hall to eat, Mrs. Betty always greets me with a smile and asks how I am doing. She is such a positive influence and such a sweet lady. She has this special stuffed animal, a camel named Nile, out on the counter on Wednesdays that has different outfits. I went in Monday for breakfast, and Nile was out with a Christmas tree outfit on! Mrs. Betty said, “I know he is usually out on just Wednesdays, but I realize finals are coming up next week, and I love seeing those smiles when he’s dressed in different costumes. So I figured he would make your days more enjoyable if he was out every day.”

Brooklynn Weissenfluh graduated from Jamestown High school. She has three brothers—not so unusual—but two of them were born on the same day she was. They’re triplets! They decided to break up the “set” when they chose where to go to college, so Brooklynn is at Longwood on her own. However, her older brother did go to Longwood and graduated in 2017.

Brooklynn is a communication sciences and disorders major, and she loves to paint. In high school, her favorite classes were AP psychology and language arts, and science classes. She was involved in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society and the Exceptional Eagles club, which was a club that helped special needs students.

Here are some random interesting facts from Brooklynn about herself:

  1. I love popcorn. I usually have it every day.
  2. I am social butterfly. I love talking to people and meeting new people. It is so fun to me!
  3. I love country music even though most of my friends hate it. It’s the music I was raised on. Kenny Chesney has to be my all-time favorite. His concert was the first one I went to—in first grade. I love Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett and Dierks Bentley just to name a few others!