Why Longwood? Let Me Count the Ways

There are two very important reasons why I chose Longwood.

The first reason is the size of the campus. As soon as I took my first steps on campus, I felt a sense of community. I felt like I was about to be a part of something that would make me a better citizen. To me that is very important because of what I want to do after my time here at Longwood—be a teacher.


Jonathan (second from right) participates in the Call Me MISTER program, which supports young men who aspire to be teachers.

At Longwood, I would not be just a number. The professors know you by name, and they are here to help you. It is extremely important to go to a university where you feel that you would be supported by students and faculty 24/7.

Another important reason I chose Longwood is because of its rich history of producing great teachers. I want to become a fifth-grade teacher, and Longwood’s liberal studies program will give me the skills I need to become the best fifth-grade teacher I can be.

There are a ton of other reasons I chose Longwood, but I believe these are the most important.


Just call him Mr. Brooks.

Jonathan is in the Call Me MISTER program at Longwood, which encourages and supports young men in choosing teaching as a profession. Jonathan is an elementary education major, and hopes to teach in the Hanover County school district after completing his degree.

If he reaches that goal, he’ll be in the same district as his high-school alma mater, Lee-Davis High School, where his favorite classes were Teachers for Tomorrow and Advanced Government. During high school, he was in the French Club and the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, and a junior marshal for the graduating class of 2018. He continues his work as a youth leader for Virginia’s I’m Determined project, which facilitates youth, especially those with disabilities, in taking a measure of control in their lives, helping them to set and steer the course.

Jonathan loves Italian food, spending time with family and friends, and the movie Coming to America.