A Weekend with Mom and Dad: Tasty Treats and a Shopping Spree

A few months ago, when I found out the dates for Parents Weekend, I immediately told my dad so he could get a hotel before they were all booked. Sadly, a few weeks Parents Weekend, he found out he had a work-related conflict, so he would not be able to come that weekend.

Luckily, he was able to come to Farmville the weekend before! We had a great time! We started off with brunch at D Hall, because he wanted to use a guest swipe that he had paid for rather than going to a restaurant and spending additional money. After that, we walked around Main Street and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Kara and her mom during Parents Weekend.

My mom still came for Parents Weekend! She arrived on Saturday, and we had lunch at Macado’s! It was super busy, but the burger I ordered was worth the wait! After that, we did some shopping downtown at Pairet’s, Sleeping Bee and Penelope—a few of my favorites! We made a trip to Walmart so I could stock up on snacks (thanks, Mom!). We then made our way back to the hotel for the night. For breakfast the next morning, we went to Walker’s Diner and the food there was delicious! It may look old from the outside, but I would 100 percent recommend their food!

I am so glad that both of my parents were able to come and visit! It won’t be too long before I’ll be heading back to Yorktown for fall break!


Kara would like to go back to fourth grade—as a teacher when she graduates from Longwood with her degree in liberal studies, which is the major for aspiring elementary school teachers.

She is the fourth and final person in her family to attend Longwood. Her dad graduated in 1985, her mom in 1986 and her sister in 2017. Longwood is definitely a family affair for the Parrs. A graduate of Tabb High School, Kara was in the Key Club, National Honor Society, Bowling Club and the National Beta Club. But her favorite thing by far was singing. She was in the Girls’ Ensemble, serving as its president when she was a senior, and Jazz Choir, and she participated in school musicals.

When she’s on the listening end of music, it has to be country: “I’m a big fan,” she says. And she’s a big fan of dogs, as well: “I LOVE dogs.” She has a cockapoo named Sophie and a cocker spaniel named Henry.