A Short Goodbye to the Best Year of My Life

Wow … so freshman year is really over. This has been a wild ride and easily the best year of my life.  With all of the new friends I’ve met and the endless memories I’ve made, I couldn’t think of a better year. Of course, there were ups and downs, but I think that’s what makes a time good.

One of the biggest downs was the most dangerous injury I’ve had, which was a meniscus tear. I could’ve taken this as the worst thing because I wasn’t able to play basketball. Instead I met two very important people in my life: my roommate for next year, Kyle, and my amazing girlfriend, Kayli (I know it’s cliché, but true).

Daniel and his girlfriend, Kayli

I guess I have two big takeaways for others. The first is that college is really not that difficult—you just need to know how to self-regulate and manage your time.

The other is much more standard, but it has truly made my experience and life better. It’s that life will not be perfect. Things will go wrong, but it’s not about how bad you think it is. It’s about how you handle it. I hope that if or when even something small goes wrong, you’ll handle it with a good attitude and do everything you can to find the good in the situation. As it’s often said, everything will work out in the end.