Quizzes, Homework and a Road Trip with New Friends

This week is the fourth week of classes. So much has happened, and time is flying by.

I have had three quizzes, one exam and a ton of homework. I also was finally able to hang up all my things on my walls!! Now my dorm room definitely feels like home, and I am very proud of how my room has turned out.

Devan (top, teal shirt) and friends on their road trip to Short Pump Mall in Richmond. Fellow My Life As A Freshman blogger Kira (far right) joined in.

This past weekend my roommate, some of my new Longwood friends and I decided to go take a day trip back to my hometown. I decided to take them to Short Pump Mall, since they had never been there. We went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with my mom and my best friend, Kenny. We also went shopping and all got some new cute clothes that we are excited to wear.


A career as a kindergarten teacher is in Devan’s sights when she finishes Longwood’s program in early education. She’s a graduate of Glen Allen High School, where she played varsity lacrosse all four years after catching the “bug” for the sport in eighth grade. She also was in the DECA club.

Her claims to fame include that she can pop her hip out of its socket and back in again, and she has a penchant for piercings. Patiently waiting for her to come home for visits is her pet squirrel.