Loving Longwood—Ups, Downs and a Great Grilled Cheese

I’m really loving Longwood. I’m adjusting to college life, and I think I’m doing pretty well.

I tried FarmGrill in the Upchurch University Center for the first time and got the grilled cheese. Now it’s my favorite place to go when I’m hungry. Also I have a tip: Don’t spend all of your bonus dollars at Starbucks!

I’m not feeling quite as motivated this week, but I think it’s just because I miss my home. Overall things are going great.


Yannick is one of those people who dreams big. She’s already thinking about moving to New York City and starting a YouTube channel—not necessarily in that order.

She’s a music lover, and she definitely didn’t leave home without her clarinet when she headed to Longwood. It has a special place in her residence hall room as well as in her heart. It’s no surprise that one of her favorite classes at Nottoway High school was band. During the fall semester of her senior year, she was out there on the football field Friday nights with the rest of the group. She also enjoyed U.S. history.

Yannick is a special education major and hopes to work with elementary-level special needs children when she graduates.