A New Journey Commences

The first week of college has been a very challenging—but yet very exciting—new journey for me. I thought that the biggest transition for me would be living in a small room with three other girls and sleeping in a twin-size bed—but it wasn’t.

The most difficult thing for me so far is getting use to Canvas (an online platform that facilitates additional communication between professors and students about courses) and waking up for my 8 a.m. class.

Also I got to experience my first G.A.M.E march. It was a very long walk and it was hot outside, but I think it was worth it because not only did I get a free scarf (see photo above)—I also got to experience my first of many Longwood traditions.

Leah (center) and two of her suitemates.

I am so excited for my next four years at Longwood!


There aren’t many college freshmen who could put “ambulance driver” on their resume, but Leah is one of the few who can. When she was in high school, she volunteered for the Halifax County Rescue Squad twice a week. Her primary job? Driving the ambulance.


“I started volunteering because I love helping people in time of need,” she said. When she’s not volunteering, her favorite things to do are hanging out with her friends and relaxing in front a good show on Netflix.


A graduate of Halifax County High School, Leah especially liked her classes in math and history. At Longwood, she’s majoring in criminal justice and hopes to put her skills to work for the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department when she graduates.