The Freshman Adventure Begins: Meeting Your Roommate

Over the course of this year I am going take you on my adventure of my freshman year. Let’s get started!

This first post is all about meeting your roommate and suitemates for the very first time. Meeting your roommate is like waking up Christmas morning. You are anxious to see what you get.

I was very nervous about meeting my roommate, Dylan, who’s on the left in the photo above. I had no idea if my roommate and I would get along. Once I found out who my roommate was, we started to email each other to get to know each other. We communicated through email not only to get to know each other but also to make sure that we didn’t bring two of everything.

After emailing each other back and forth, move-in day finally came, and I was ready to put a face to the name. We get along very well, and we respect each other’s spaces. 


Just call him Mr. Brooks.

Jonathan is in the Call Me MISTER program at Longwood, which encourages and supports young men in choosing teaching as a profession. Jonathan is an elementary education major, and hopes to teach in the Hanover County school district after completing his degree.

If he reaches that goal, he’ll be in the same district as his high-school alma mater, Lee-Davis High School, where his favorite classes were Teachers for Tomorrow and Advanced Government. During high school, he was in the French Club and the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, and a junior marshal for the graduating class of 2018. He continues his work as a youth leader for Virginia’s I’m Determined project, which facilitates youth, especially those with disabilities, in taking a measure of control in their lives, helping them to set and steer the course.

Jonathan loves Italian food, spending time with family and friends, and the movie Coming to America.