Brooklynn Weissenfluh graduated from Jamestown High school. She has three brothers—not so unusual—but two of them were born on the same day she was. They’re triplets! They decided to break up the “set” when they chose where to go to college, so Brooklynn is at Longwood on her own. However, her older brother did go to Longwood and graduated in 2017.

Brooklynn is a communication sciences and disorders major, and she loves to paint. In high school, her favorite classes were AP psychology and language arts, and science classes. She was involved in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society and the Exceptional Eagles club, which was a club that helped special needs students.

Here are some random interesting facts from Brooklynn about herself:

  1. I love popcorn. I usually have it every day.
  2. I am social butterfly. I love talking to people and meeting new people. It is so fun to me!
  3. I love country music even though most of my friends hate it. It’s the music I was raised on. Kenny Chesney has to be my all-time favorite. His concert was the first one I went to—in first grade. I love Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett and Dierks Bentley just to name a few others!

What’s In Store Next Year: I Will Be an RA!

Brooklynn could be living in Sharp or Register hall next year as an RA. (The two buildings are identical.)

Getting the email that I had been selected as an RA (resident assistant) for the 2019-20 school year was such an exciting and surreal moment!

I want to be an RA so I can be a part of something bigger than myself and make a positive impact on the lives of Longwood students. Having that sense of a close-knit community with all the other resident assistants and my residents is another aspect that attracted me.

This awesome experience will allow me to improve my leadership skills, meet new people and help others. I am a rule follower, so I will be a role model for my residents. And with my social butterfly personality, big heart, creativity and positive energy, I will help them have a great experience.

When you’re an RA, your housing and meal plan are paid for, so that will be very helpful with saving money to go to graduate school.

The process for becoming an RA was pretty involved.

First I applied with my resume. Then I had to get recommendations from a professor, a current RA and from someone who knows me. I found out I made it through to the interview process, which includes an individual interview and a group interview, during winter break. I came back to campus a few days early  this semester for the interviews. The anticipation and waiting was so stressful, but it was definitely worth it.

Next year, I will be assigned to either Arc, Sharp, Register or Stubbs. All of these dorms are a huge upgrade from Curry, where I live now, so that will be fun. (Of course, Curry is scheduled to be completely renovated next year.) I will find out a little later in the semester what building I will be assigned to. In April, I will start spring training and leadership workshops. In the fall I will take an Intro to Residence Life class to continue my training.

It will be a lot of responsibility and hard work—but I can’t wait to be an RA!

Christmas Memories, Spring Semester Excitement

Brooklynn and her family in Colorado for Christmas.

My first Christmas home from college is one I will remember forever. I found out on Christmas Day that we were taking a family vacation to Colorado! It was so fun to visit with all my family. It had been two years since I’d seen them, and that’s a long time. I’m so grateful that we got to take that trip. It was filled with laughter, love, memories, great people and great food!

Spring semester has quickly begun, so that means new classes! I am taking Conceptual Physics, Child Development, English 165, a grammar class and American sign language! I have made new friends and learned how fun the game pool is. I have also finally gone to my first Longwood basketball game.

Elwood rocks the court at Brooklynn’s first basketball game.

I am so excited to say that I will be an RA (resident assistant) for the 2019-20 school year. I am so blessed to have this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait for this new experience!

This semester I am going to try to have more balance of school work and fun. Making time to de-compress, de-stress and relax by hanging out with friends more. I’m looking forward to Spring Weekend this semester and to the events put on by Lancer Productions. I went to the first one of the semester: Welcome Back Bingo. It was fun to go and see all my friends and catch up since Christmas vacation.

I am excited for this new semester and all the new experiences I will have!

Fantastic February: New Friends, New Responsibilities

February has been a month full of new adventures and new opportunities! I have gotten settled back into school mode, and it feels good to have a routine again.

At the beginning of February, I celebrated my birthday—which, as a triplet, I share with two of my brothers. My older brother, Davis, and his girlfriend, Brittany, came and helped me celebrate. The next day we went to Lynchburg, where we met my parents and brothers (the other two of the triplets) for lunch. It was so great being with them and getting to celebrate our birthday together for the weekend.

Brooklynn found her first CHI dropping in February on her way to her 8 a.m. physics class. CHI is a secret society at Longwood, and “droppings” are extremely rare to find.

I have found this semester more difficult—classes are harder. But with office hours, supportive professors and tutors I am not scared for the challenge. I am so thankful to have great professors who want to help me succeed and be the best that I can.

I love going to the Lancer Production events and basketball games here on campus! The most recent Lancer production events that I have gone to are the stuff-a-stuffed-animal event and Pinterest night. It is fun after a long week of classes to just relax and have fun with friends.

Basketball games have become one of Brooklynn’s favorite activities.
Brooklynn and Daniel, another freshman blogger, attended the Lancer Productions event where students got to “stuff” their own stuffed animals.

I recently found out about CCM, the Catholic campus ministry for students at Longwood and Hampden-Sydney College, a men’s college just outside of Farmville. Even though it was my first time meeting all these new people, I was not nervous and was very comfortable. I felt so very welcomed. On Tuesdays, we have a dinner together, play some kind of game and then listen to a message for the week. On Thursdays, there is Bible study. I have found such a great community here. It is where faith, fun and friends gather!

I recently found out I have been selected to be serve as an Honor & Conduct Board member for the 2019-20 school year. I am excited for this new opportunity! At Longwood we take the honor code very seriously, and I am honored to be on the board and represent Longwood in such a great way. I will be in the honor and conduct ceremony.

I also was elected to serve as an executive officer for Longwood’s chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) for the 2019-20 school year. This position is extremely important in encouraging freshman and sophomore membership. I will be responsible for informing, engaging and motivating the students to join the organization; orchestrating the annual involvement fairs during Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend; visiting a freshman class to encourage membership; keeping all social media outlets current; and creating flyers to promote the group.


End-of-Semester Thoughts: The holiday tree, Nile the camel, my writing coach and Mrs. Betty

Brooklynn (right) with her friend, Dani, at Dani’s senior piano recital

My favorite part of campus this Christmas season is the giant Christmas tree inside Ruffner under the Rotunda dome. I have my citizenship class in Ruffner, and seeing the Christmas tree all lit up as I walk to class is peaceful. Christmas time at Longwood is so pretty. Campus is gorgeous this time of year with the trees all different colors. I enjoy how decorated and festive Longwood is: Christmas wreaths on the doors and on buildings, candles in windows, and garland on the light poles, including the railings inside and out.

This semester is wrapping up so fast. I am so blessed to have such amazing professors who have helped me in so many ways. I could not have made it on the president’s list this semester without them! They have all taught me so much and made it fun!

A shout-out to my friend Dani Rauchwarg, who is a  senior here at Longwood. Having someone I know work with me on my writing at the Writing Center made me more comfortable. Dani has helped me immensely with improving my writing skills throughout this entire semester. I will apply everything she has taught me in all my papers. I am so thankful to have her here for my freshman year. I  have enjoyed coming to her concerts, and specifically her senior piano recital. The best way to take a break from studying is to listen to beautiful music!

Nile the Camel decked out for the holidays in D-hall.

When I go into D-hall to eat, Mrs. Betty always greets me with a smile and asks how I am doing. She is such a positive influence and such a sweet lady. She has this special stuffed animal, a camel named Nile, out on the counter on Wednesdays that has different outfits. I went in Monday for breakfast, and Nile was out with a Christmas tree outfit on! Mrs. Betty said, “I know he is usually out on just Wednesdays, but I realize finals are coming up next week, and I love seeing those smiles when he’s dressed in different costumes. So I figured he would make your days more enjoyable if he was out every day.”

My First Week: Finding My Way and Starting to Feel at Home  

(This post was inadvertently not posted when Brooklynn submitted it—but it’s too good to leave out.)

Move-in day was emotional for me. It hit me that I was stepping into a whole new territory and leaving my family and friends back home—and my dogs. My older brother, Davis, went to Longwood and graduated last year. I am a triplet, and my two other brothers are at University of Lynchburg and Roanoke College.

I am excited for this opportunity and new experience/chapter of my life. Getting my dorm all set up and decorated was a long process. My roommate, Ashley King, and I went to middle school together. Ashley is so caring, kind and funny. I am so glad I have her as my roommate. We keep each other motivated, and we make time to get our work done plus have fun. Going through this new experience together has been awesome so far.

New Lancer Days did a great job of keeping me entertained and focused on what was happening here and not what I was missing at home. Cory Craig, a motivational speaker and actor, came to talk to us. He gave me great advice to remember throughout my college years and life in general.

At the Honor and Integrity Ceremony, it was cool to see all the professors and President Reveley in their fancy gowns. It gave me a feeling of reality that I am now a college student at Longwood and that I have to uphold the values and responsibilities of this great university. I believe the honor code ceremony really shows how important and serious it is here.

After three days of important talks and awesome entertainment and activities, it was time to start classes. I was nervous about not being able to find my classes the first day. Peer mentors did a guided class building tour and helped me find my classes, so I knew where to go and how long it took to get to each building. Even though I am starting out on this new journey alone, that is not the environment here at Longwood. Everyone is so kind, friendly and supportive. The first day of class it poured. My class is all the way on the other side of D-hall, and an upperclassman gave me a ride to D-hall so I didn’t have to walk in the rain.

It has only been a week since I moved in, and I have met so many awesome people already! Yesterday was First Friday Back, and one of Longwood’s many traditions is The G.A.M.E. It was neat to get the scarf every upperclassman has told me about. It was a cool feeling to experience the first tradition of the year as a freshman.

The Multipurpose Upchurch University Center

Brooklynn loves how the barista at the Starbucks in the new Upchurch University Center always remembers the extra “n” in her name.

I had been waiting for the new Upchurch University Center to open, just like everyone else. It was so awesome that it opened when we came back for fall break.

I absolutely love the new Upchurch Center. It is such a great addition to Longwood’s campus. I love that we have a Starbucks and that that they accept gift cards, so I don’t spend all my bonus dollars all at one place. As midterms have been happening and this is the time in the semester when there are so many different assignments due at the same time, coffee is great!

Au Bon Pain is nice—it is just like Panera! Now that it has started to get cold outside, I really like how they have so many soups/stews to pick from. They change the flavors daily.

The new center is also a place where I can hang out with friends and study.

Brooklynn and her friend Lucie, a senior, both participated in a recent Alzheimer’s walk.

Oktoberfest: Color Wars and Country Music

Brooklynn with her 8th floor “peeps” from Curry Hall. Her RA, Sophie, is the one with the green cups.

As soon as I was accepted to Longwood, I was so excited to experience all the traditions of this special school. So I was super excited to kick off Oktoberfest weekend with Color Wars! It was a blast—such a fun event with so much positive energy and spirit. I am glad I wore sunglasses! (It’s not fun getting paint in your eyes!) Because they have an even-number graduation year (2022) freshmen this year are a red class.

Saturday of Oktoberfest was the best day here for me so far. I love country music, and concerts are my favorite thing to go to. So my favorite part of Oktoberfest was that Chris Lane came and put on an amazing show. Not only is he a great singer, he also is a great performer! He knows how to engage with the audience very well. It was such a great way to de-stress from classes.

It is so crazy that Oktoberfest  marks the halfway point of the fall semester. The days are slow but the weeks just keep flying by!

Serious Help or Serious Fun: Longwood Has It All

As the semester progresses, Brooklynn is discovering what study strategies work best for her.

Whether I’m looking for something to do or somewhere I can get help — I don’t have to look far to find it here at Longwood.

As far as getting help, the Writing Center is a good example. The center is such a great resource to help me do the best that I can with my writing—which is not one of my strengths. I recently went to the center for help with an assignment in my Society and Media class, which is for my major in communication sciences and disorders. I had to write a paper about a famous person who has brought public awareness to a disability.

The students who work at the Writing Center are very patient and kind. They helped me with my grammar and punctuation, and with writing a stronger conclusion to the paper. I was really nervous when I first went to the center, but now I am feeling confident. They helped me realize that I’m not a bad writer—I’m just still learning.

I’m also becoming more confident in my study skills. I had my first test recently, and I have discovered that flash cards and study groups are the best way for me to study. Also, studying a little each night helps. The library has really nice group study rooms.

To take a break from my homework and assignments, I have gone to some of the Lancer Productions events!

There were a lot of people at Casino Night. A bunch of friends from my floor went together. We played roulette, black jack and poker—not with real money, of course. We used play money, and any that we had left over at the end of the evening we could use to “buy” raffle tickets for cool prizes. The evening also included an airbrush artist who was giving temporary tattoos, a person making balloon animals and a big selection of great desserts.

On another occasion, I went to a show by a really awesome magician, Daniel Martin.

I also went to a fun craft night inspired by Pinterest. I made fabric coasters, a dray erase board photo frame and some “slime,” and I painted some jars. All the materials were provided, including a bunch of different fabrics to choose from for the coasters. The slime was really fun to make and play with.

Seven-pointed Princeps crowns can be found throughout campus. Princeps is a student organization devoted to developing leadership skills.


As the semester progresses, Brooklynn is discovering what study strategies work best for her.

Loving College Classes, the Library and the Gym

One of Brooklynn’s first art projects was a pen mandala.

It has been almost a month since I have been here at Longwood, and I can happily say I chose the best school to go to!!

I love my classes because they are mostly for my major. I love my professors—they are all so fun and truly love what they do. The cool thing about college classes is they are mostly classes that interest you. I think that definitely makes it more fun learning about your passions and what makes you happy.

I have found that the only place I can get my work done is the library! I love the library. They have a really cool little store where I like to get a snack to take a little brain break from studying or writing a paper.

To relieve stress from classes, I like to go to the gym. The gym here is so nice. I enjoy the Zumba classes!

Make a Point to Meet New People

Brooklynn (right) and her roommate, Brittany

Orientation was a lot of fun.

I met new people and learned from a professor I will have as a freshman for my CSDS (communication sciences and disorders) classes.

An exciting part of the day was picking up my Lancer ID card—I’m officially a Longwood student!

My favorite part of the day was after the welcome talk when we broke into groups by our majors. I go to go to the CSDS building, where an exciting part of the classroom is the “spinny” chairs. My peer mentor, Wesley, is a rising senior at Longwood and a CSDS major. It was nice to hear about the major from a student’s perspective. It made me happy to hear that CSDS is very rewarding and worth all the hard work.

I met another freshman, Brittany Napier, who is in my major. We will have two classes together, and we’re also in the Curry dorm together. It is going to be so nice seeing a familiar face besides my roommate.

My advice to future Longwood students to get the most out of orientation is don’t be afraid to meet new people! Also try to plan with your roommate to go on the same day so you can experience it all together.

I am so excited to kick off freshman year with Longwood traditions, especially Color Wars.