My First Week at a Glance

As a student-athlete, you’re expected to rise above and excel in everything you do. I believe I have accomplished that so far in high school and my first week at Longwood. However, some athletes have difficult obstacles to overcome sometimes—like me. I tore my ACL my senior season in high school, and I’m still going through physical therapy because I am only three months postsurgery. So I can’t participate yet, but I will be fully recovered before the spring. It has been moderately difficult getting around, but that’s what the golf carts are for!

I have a huge support system with my amazing family, lacrosse team and my coaches, so I don’t really think about my injury much, which is great! We start preseason next week, kicking it off at 6:30 a.m. with run tests and a lot of stick work for me :).

So far this week it has been busy, constantly on the move, going from one activity to another with the Honors College and then New Lancer Days.

Farmville may be a small town, but there is a lot to do on and off campus. My favorite thing is how Farmville has so many good places to eat and dine in at. I strongly encourage Macado’s, Charley’s and One19.

Yes, you may be thinking that balancing Honors College, lacrosse and even regular classes will be very time-consuming, but I think it will be fun and because, Why not? College is all about experiences, and, as you will learn, I love doing new things.

I have not been homesick because this does feel like home to me even though I am almost five hours away (right on the East Coast by Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina). But love grows with distance, right?

As it is very obvious, I am so excited to start my freshman year here as a student-athlete!