Embracing the Chaos

This week has been so hectic and chaotic.

August 14 is the day I moved into college, which is so crazy to say out loud. I’ve been so excited to finally become a college student. I moved in two days before everyone else because I’m a part of the work study program in financial aid, which is a program that gives you the opportunity to earn money like a real job.

The first week was sooo crazy because it was the start of New Lancer Days, which is for the incoming freshmen like myself. We were paired up with our peer mentors to guide us throughout the week since we were new. The days were so long and draining. Sometimes it started at 9 a.m. and ended sometimes at midnight. Either way it was a fun and great experience.

I’ve met some friends who were in my mentor group, and some of them even have the same major as I do, which is biology. New Lancer Days started on Thursday and went all the way to Sunday, it was pretty long week. Once New Lancer Days had come to an end, I was so excited because I was so tired from being outside all day.