A Serendipitous Meeting at the Helpdesk

Hello Incoming Freshmen!

My name is La’Mya but you can call me Mya for short. (:

Today was Orientation Day at Longwood University, and I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of the Lancer community. I know you’re thinking that you won’t make any friends—but trust me, that’s completely untrue. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, there’s literally a smiling face on every corner.

Longwood gives you so many opportunities to meet new people. For example, they create a Facebook group for incoming freshmen to introduce themselves and also be able to find your potential roommate like I did. My roommate’s name is Hannah, and she’s honestly so cool and chill to be around. Even though I’ve only met her a few times I can tell we will be friends for a long time!

Once I arrived at orientation and got checked in, it was finally time to get my Lancer ID. I was so stoked because it’s like a golden KEY—you can’t get in anywhere without it. It makes it so official you know what I mean?

Sadly I had to get my ID card fixed because of a simple oopsie ): which made me have to get out of line and go to the Helpdesk. I was so upset because it was such a long line. I thought I was going to be like everyone else and have their ID in their hands—but not quite yet. Thankfully I went to the Helpdesk to fix my ID because I ended up finding another roommate by the name of Morgan. She had the same last name as I do, which was really cool.

As time passed by, we ended up bumping into each other after an event. Hannah and I were leaving to go to the next event, and Morgan asked if she could tag along. Of course, I said yes because I’m up for making new friends since we’re both kinda new here.

We began to chat to get to know each other a little bit more. I obviously saw a new friendship in the making with the three of us. It was such good vibes. I asked Morgan if she had a roommate, and she said no. I offered that she should be our suitemate, and she was totally up for it—which made me even more excited. We were getting along with each other so well you would think we already knew each other. We immediately exchanged numbers to keep in contact with each other.

It was all thanks to my having to go to the Helpdesk to fix my ID. Otherwise, we would’ve never crossed paths.

I’m super excited to rooming with Hannah and Morgan, and I hope our in-progress friendship will last as we go different paths in the future.