Serious Help or Serious Fun: Longwood Has It All

As the semester progresses, Brooklynn is discovering what study strategies work best for her.

Whether I’m looking for something to do or somewhere I can get help — I don’t have to look far to find it here at Longwood.

As far as getting help, the Writing Center is a good example. The center is such a great resource to help me do the best that I can with my writing—which is not one of my strengths. I recently went to the center for help with an assignment in my Society and Media class, which is for my major in communication sciences and disorders. I had to write a paper about a famous person who has brought public awareness to a disability.

The students who work at the Writing Center are very patient and kind. They helped me with my grammar and punctuation, and with writing a stronger conclusion to the paper. I was really nervous when I first went to the center, but now I am feeling confident. They helped me realize that I’m not a bad writer—I’m just still learning.

I’m also becoming more confident in my study skills. I had my first test recently, and I have discovered that flash cards and study groups are the best way for me to study. Also, studying a little each night helps. The library has really nice group study rooms.

To take a break from my homework and assignments, I have gone to some of the Lancer Productions events!

There were a lot of people at Casino Night. A bunch of friends from my floor went together. We played roulette, black jack and poker—not with real money, of course. We used play money, and any that we had left over at the end of the evening we could use to “buy” raffle tickets for cool prizes. The evening also included an airbrush artist who was giving temporary tattoos, a person making balloon animals and a big selection of great desserts.

On another occasion, I went to a show by a really awesome magician, Daniel Martin.

I also went to a fun craft night inspired by Pinterest. I made fabric coasters, a dray erase board photo frame and some “slime,” and I painted some jars. All the materials were provided, including a bunch of different fabrics to choose from for the coasters. The slime was really fun to make and play with.

Seven-pointed Princeps crowns can be found throughout campus. Princeps is a student organization devoted to developing leadership skills.


As the semester progresses, Brooklynn is discovering what study strategies work best for her.

Loving College Classes, the Library and the Gym

One of Brooklynn’s first art projects was a pen mandala.

It has been almost a month since I have been here at Longwood, and I can happily say I chose the best school to go to!!

I love my classes because they are mostly for my major. I love my professors—they are all so fun and truly love what they do. The cool thing about college classes is they are mostly classes that interest you. I think that definitely makes it more fun learning about your passions and what makes you happy.

I have found that the only place I can get my work done is the library! I love the library. They have a really cool little store where I like to get a snack to take a little brain break from studying or writing a paper.

To relieve stress from classes, I like to go to the gym. The gym here is so nice. I enjoy the Zumba classes!

Make a Point to Meet New People

Brooklynn (right) and her roommate, Brittany

Orientation was a lot of fun.

I met new people and learned from a professor I will have as a freshman for my CSDS (communication sciences and disorders) classes.

An exciting part of the day was picking up my Lancer ID card—I’m officially a Longwood student!

My favorite part of the day was after the welcome talk when we broke into groups by our majors. I go to go to the CSDS building, where an exciting part of the classroom is the “spinny” chairs. My peer mentor, Wesley, is a rising senior at Longwood and a CSDS major. It was nice to hear about the major from a student’s perspective. It made me happy to hear that CSDS is very rewarding and worth all the hard work.

I met another freshman, Brittany Napier, who is in my major. We will have two classes together, and we’re also in the Curry dorm together. It is going to be so nice seeing a familiar face besides my roommate.

My advice to future Longwood students to get the most out of orientation is don’t be afraid to meet new people! Also try to plan with your roommate to go on the same day so you can experience it all together.

I am so excited to kick off freshman year with Longwood traditions, especially Color Wars.